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How to Choose Anti-detect Browser?

Both Google and Amazon have become more and more strict in risk control recently. In the past few years, multiple accounts can be separated by Incognito mode, but now the accounts are linked easily. More and more accounts got disabled is undoubtedly a bad news for cross-border e-commerce.

Recently, many customers have reported that the environment has been penetrated. If only a fingerprint browser is used, or an ordinary VM virtual machine is hung at the bottom layer, it will be recognized as a VM, so the environment will still be penetrated. Nowadays, many customers directly use the hardware version of the virtual machine, and then create a new virtual machine, install a fingerprint browser on the virtual machine and bind the IP every day. That’s what people do to avoid getting banned. But, this not only increases the cost of buying hardware, but also increases the cost of labor.

After comparing 8 fingerprint browsers, I finally found the reason: MAC Address and computer name.

A media access control address (MAC address) is a unique identifier assigned to a network interface controller (NIC) for use as a network address in communications within a network segment

MAC address generation rules (Google identifies the uniqueness of mac)

Network card address generation Important update: The old version of the network card address starting with Mac 00 has been blocked by many programs.

The new version of mac is randomly generated and does not apply to the beginning of 00, which effectively avoids the problem of mac being blocked.

Computer name, when testing a fingerprint browser, I found that I created 100 environments, these 100 environments are all local computer names, the same computer name will be detected by Google or Amazon. Randomly generated computer names have also become standard in fingerprint browsers.

Finally, I found that MarketerBrowser, a treasure fingerprint browser, can not only manage accounts safely, place advertisements, but also have additional functions.

Whether it is Google, Amazon, or mir4, it is possible to encounter Google’s captcha verification, so the one-click function integration of 2captcha is also necessary.

The BackUp function prevents your account from being deleted by mistake, and it is very important to restore your account with one click.

Leave a comment if you know any other factors.


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