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Which one to choose- Google Ads or Google AdMob?

It is pretty well clear that AdMob is just for mobile app advertising, while Google ads essentially incorporate a wide range of promoting, including advertisements for mobile applications (not just mobile application advertisements).

What are AdMobs?

Admob is Ad+mobile. Ads that are created in Google Ads can also be served by the AdMob Network and appear in mobile apps.

Admob is simpler for application developers than Google Ads. Google Ads has this load of confounded settings where amateurs don’t have the foggiest idea of how to apply the basic settings in the first place.

While AdMob is Google’s advertising platform for promoting and monetizing mobile applications, it does not actually promote your app outwardly. It promotes your own in-app purchases (IAP) to your app users who, based on behavior signals, are most likely to become IAP conversions.
As a monetizing platform, AdMob allows you to earn revenue by having other ads show within your app. You can choose the type of ad formats to allow, such as banner ads, full-page interstitials, video ads, and native ads. You can also filter out the ads you don’t want appearing within your app, helping to contribute to a more positive experience for your users.

Differences between Google Ads and AdMob

Google Ads VS Admob
  1. Google AdMob is an Extension to Google Ads(As you can see from above, Google ads include Admob).
    Both the platforms are used for advertising but AdMob needs support from Google Ads for some of its functionality as an account in Google Ads must be created first in order to work, so we can say Google AdMob is an extension of Google Ads.
  2. Conversions can only be created with Google Ads:
    In AdMob, conversions can no longer be created. The conversions table will keep on displaying a read-only list of the conversions that you’ve created in AdMob.

Moving on, if you’re setting up conversion tracking in Google Ads all conversions must be created in Google Ads and tracked by using Firebase SDK.

On the other hand, In Google ads, conversions are tracked by conversion tracking code and also by Google analytics.

  1. Usability on different platforms:
    AdMob basically targets mobile users where you can also get an opportunity to display video ads (Rewarded video ads) when watched, you will be rewarded in form of coins like in a game.

Google Ads publishes ads in the form of videos, and banners on the sites accepted by Google on all platforms to promote your services.

  1. Google Ads covers various website categories against AdMob:
    Google Ads has better coverage in various website categories including lifestyle, business and consumer services, electronics, etc. Whereas AdMob has no such leads over Google Ads considering any category of the website.
  2. The difference in Applicability:
    Admob allows the following types of ads for mobile applications: Banner Ads, Rewardable Ads, Native, and Interstitial. Google Ads gives you the freedom to display your ads on various websites or apps while targeting huge traffic.
  3. Purpose Specific:
    Google Ads creates campaigns i.e., building and placing the ads across the mobile, web, and both. AdMob for mobile users provides a way to monetize their app and earn through it.
  4. Better integration with AdMob:
    While using AdMob you can do app-to-app integration whereas with Google Ads you need to create different campaigns while running the ads.
  5. Unlimited usability with Google Ads:
    Admob can only be used for applications, Play store, App store, and some other mobile app stores but Google ads have no limit, thus delivering a better platform than AdMob.
  6. Operation with different phone processes:
    Google Ads needs to be operated differently for IOS and Android whereas in the case of AdMob you can connect both the processes for a single ad.

The default bid strategy is target cost-per-acquisition (CPA), and there are targeting options more specific to app promotion (app categories, mobile devices, active app spenders). Essentially, AdMob is the Google Display Network that mobile app install campaigns run on. App monetization is critical to the mobile app marketing ecosystem.


Admob is a part of AdSense service that monetizes Android Apps for advertisements whereas AdSense is used to monetize Websites.  After going through the above, you should have plenty of ideas on how to better monetize your site content and audience.

But registering Google ads and placing ads will need you to fill out a lot of info, I use MarketerBrowser to automate the whole process.

MarketerBrowser is an anti-detect browser that spoofs google with fingerprinting. So you can register Gmail, Register Google ads, and Register YouTube automatically.


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